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| equipment training | Any machine is only as good as its operator. A skilled heavy equipment operator, with finely honed skills and a deep understanding of the job at hand, can make a great machine work even better—and help your business become more successful. Equipment Training Solutions (ETS) gives your operators the training and support they need to improve their skills. Our training programs ...

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List of equipment of the Canadian Army - WikipediaC8A2 - The C8A2 carbine is very similar to the C8A1, but having a heavy 14.5" barrel (as opposed to the 14.5" pencil-profile barrel) and a flat-top upper receiver. The C8A2 could also been seen with a Diemaco rubber butt pad on the buttstock. C8FTHB - The C8 Flat-Top Heavy barrel (C8FTHB) features a longer, 400 mm (15.7 in) heavy barrel. The ...Vehicle/Mobile Equipment and Visibility Hazards .When designing mines, take visibility-related hazards and clearance requirements (walls and back) into consideration for equipment operators and nearby workers on foot. Eliminate and/or be aware of blind spots on mobile equipment and vehicles, especially when implements (such as forks or buckets) are in a .

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