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Gabriola's Sandstone QuarriesThe stones used to grind the pulp weighed two to four tons and they required good-quality sandstone because they revolved at 220 to 225 rpm with a feed pressure of 60 to 125 pounds per square inch. Before the development of artificial stones, various grades of hard and soft sandstone were used.

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Sandstone Spires - A Judy Niemeyer Quilting CompanySandstone Spires is constructed using 2 distinct groups, comprised of (8) center diamonds in Group A, and border blocks that result in an 68″ square quilt as Group B. The pattern was designed by Judel and Judy Niemeyer in Quiltster, using blocks designed by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer.How to clean sandstone yourself - Astute Asset MgmtThen we move to how to clean sandstone yourself and do a good job; 1 – The right products for Sandstone cleaning. 2 – The right equipment for Sandstone cleaning. 3 – Regular Maintenance. Why Sandstone Gets Dirty . Sandstone is extremely porous.

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