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New Hampshire Gold Prospecting: Gold Nuggets .I am new to panning I am in Thornton,NH I-93 exit 28 lots of water around to check out we found a few flakes thus far but no nuggets yet.I watched a lot of youtube videos bought a panning kit from ebay $30,bought some alaska gold paydirt for practice and also bought a bazooka sluice.there is a great comparison video on youtube for the bazooka sluice.HAPPY PANNING !

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Gold Prospecting Streams - Mining Equipment, .Many believe that it is possible to make wages or better by panning gold in the streams of the West, particularly in regions where placer mining formerly flourished. However, most placer deposits have been thoroughly reworked at least twice--first by Chinese laborers, who arrived soon after the initial boom periods and recovered gold from the lower grade deposits and tailings left by the first ...Gold in New HampshireGold is approximately 19 times heavier than the same volume of water and gets left on the stream bottom with other heavy rock and mineral pieces. Gold found in stream gravel is known as a placer deposit. Panning and dredging are methods of separating the heavy gold flakes and nuggets from the stream gravels. Some gold panning and

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