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Aluminum Industry Statistics| The Aluminum .The Aluminum Association is the primary source for statistics and business information on the North American aluminum industry. Through ongoing surveys of more than 100 aluminum producers, the Association delivers data on 100 percent of all primary and nearly 90 percent of all mill output in the United States and Canada.

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How to Work With Sheet Metal - Popular MechanicsMany applications require holes to be drilled or punched into sheet metal. As with any other typical fabrication task, there isn't always a right or wrong way to do the job. But, sometimes there ...Metal Finishing–What Types of Finishes Are There?Metal finishing is used to treat the exterior of a metal product by applying a thin complementary layer to its surface. There are numerous types of metal finishing processes that can be used for a variety of purposes. In this guide, we will review the major finishing methods, as well as applications and considerations for choosing a metal finishing process.

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