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Dangers in the mining workplace - Work .Dangers in the mining workplace Mining is renowned to be one of the more dangerous occupations and there have been many serious accidents worldwide over the years in mining. The dangers that occur in mining include accidents which have resulted in significant loss of life over the years, as well as health hazards that miners face on a day to day basis. There have however been significant ...

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Gemstone and Mineral Mining in Pakistan's .Gemstone and mineral mining in Pakistan's mountains. A reprint from InColor by Jim Clanin, geologist and gem mining expert. One important aspect of ICA's engagement in the area of Social Responsibility is its ability to facilitate expert assistance and consulting services through its international network of professional members involved in mining, processing, education, marketing and ...Mapping Mining Techniques: 3 Fascinating .From native mining to highly technical methods, the techniques for recovering the gems dazzle everyone as much as the gems do. So, let's dig into the world of gemstones and understand how they are excavated! Open Cast Mining. The simplest and easiest methods of mining, open cast mining involves removing overlying rocks to reach the gem ...

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