how is tantalum extracted from granite

tantalum mining element - istrana1agesciOther tantalum-bearing minerals include ferrotantalite, manganotantalite and microlite. Tantalum and niobium are almost always found together, and are recovered from pegmatite veins in granite intrusions or from placer deposits. Tantalum is mined in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Central Africa.

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Niobium Minerals & Production | TICProduction of raw materials. The primary mineral from which niobium is obtained is known as pyrochlore. The world's largest deposit is located in Araxa, Brazil and is owned by Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineracao (CBMM). The reserves are enough to supply current world demand for about 500 years, about 460 million tonnes. The mining of weathered ore, running between 2.5 and 3.0% Nb Tantalum - Element information, properties and Tantalum was reported as a new metal in 1802 by Anders Gustav Ekeberg at Uppsala University, Sweden. However, when William Wollaston analysed the minerals from which it had been extracted he declared it was identical to niobium which has been discovered the year previously. It was as a result of their similarity that there was confusion regarding their identification. These two elements often

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