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Vernon #0 Horizontal Mill - KinzersSince I also have a vertical mill with an R-8 spindle, this is an economical choice since I can share tooling between the machines. Instead of modifying the existing spindle, I chose to fabricate a new spindle from scratch. For this purpose, I selected some 1.500" 12L14 stock of suitable length. The spindle's largest diameter, where the arbor enters the spindle, is actually 1.750" for a length ...

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Centering Indicator Mill Use : 3 Steps (with Pictures ...Unlock the spindle so it rotates free. Select a small drill or a tap with a pointy tip. Chuck it in. Use a V block and chuck the part in the vise securely ready to be machined (see second picture). You can also use a rotating table to chuck the part in, or a collet holder. Once indicated the part cannot be further tighten as it will move and get off absolute Zero that was set in X and Y. So do ...Chp 02-01 Numerical Control ProgrammingZ-Axis Which axis is which depends on the orientation of the spindle. The axis of motion that is parallel to the spindle axis is always the Z-axis. If the spindle is vertical (Figure 2.1), the Z-axis is vertical. Either the quill or the knee of a vertical spindle mill will move when a Z-axis command is executed. If the spindle is horizontal ...

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