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Metallurgy of copper - LinkedIn SlideShareCopper pyrite or chalcopyrite CuFeS2 2. Chalcocite or copper glance Cu2S 3. Malachite green [CuCO3.Cu(OH)2] 4. Azurite blue [2CuCO3.Cu(OH)2] 5. Bornite or Peacock ore [3Cu2S.Fe2S3] 6. Cuprite Cu2O 3. EXTRACTION OF COPPER • Copper is mainly extracted from its sulfide ores by smelting. • Following steps are involved in the extraction of copper:

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Aluminium Extraction |authorSTREAMAluminium Extraction - authorSTREAM Presentation. The extraction of aluminium: The extraction of aluminium Cryolite is added to lower the melting point & to dissolve the ore & bauxite ore of aluminium oxide is continuously added When p.d is applied, Al 3+ is attracted to the negative cathode O 2- is attracted to the positive anode At the cathode, Al 3+ gains 3 electrons from the cathode to Bioleaching - LinkedIn SlideShareBioleaching 1. DEFINITION OF BIOLEACHING MICROORGANISMS USED IN BIOLEACHING CHEMISTRY OF BIOLEACHING TYPES EXAMPLES 1. COPPER LEACHING 2. URANIUM LEACHING 3. GOLD AND SILVER LEACHING 4. SILICA LEACHING 2. Bioleaching is the process by which metals are dissolved from ore bearing rocks using microorganisms. 3.

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