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Public Crystal Mining Sites in ArkansasYou can camp, explore, and dig up the sparkly crystal quartz and other minerals. The mine was first discovered in 2008 and was open to the public in 2012. The mine is easily be accessed. It offers a lot of other non-mining activities as well such a camping, nature viewing, hiking and picnicking opportunities. So if you want a variety of outdoor activities, then this is a good mine to visit in ...

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Clear Creek Crystal Mine | Free InformationNext, you need the equipment to dig crystal. You can dig by hand, but it will probably take a long time (years) to get enough crystal to pay for your investment. A sample list of preferred equipment for crystal mining is: Track hoe ($5,000 to $50,000), Air Compressor and drilling equipment ($3000 to $10,000), Explosives ($500 to $2000), 4X4 ...Dig For Crystals At Oklahoma's Great Salt PlainsGrab your shovels as we visit an spot in Oklahoma where you can dig for crystals. And the kind you uncover, can't be found anywhere else in the world.

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